A Warm Welcome

Welcome to Kip McGrath Singapore Online, a one-stop blog on all things related to tuition and education in Singapore.

Kip McGrath Education Centres Singapore has been around since 2005 and since then, with our tuition system, we have strived to bring out the best in every child who has walked through our doors.

The 25 Kip McGrath tuition centres in Singapore (As of 1st April 2015) are currently run by a team of dedicated and passionate centre directors from diverse backgrounds. Several of us have held senior positions in the education industry and many were former school teachers and Heads of Departments. We share the same goal of helping each child realise his or her full academic potential.

A lot can be done by leveraging on online platforms to share best practices, news, tips, thoughts and opinions when it comes to education, tuition and enrichment in Singapore. Thus, we came up with this initiative to kick off conversations. This blog endeavours to be a valuable and key educational resource for all parents in Singapore.

You play a key role on this blog and we want to hear from you. We hope to engage our readers and audiences for fresher perspectives and greater insights on issues with relevance to education.

Some topics to look forward to include, non-exclusively, attitudinal-motivation, positive learning dispositions, academic planning, time management and many more.  This will be a space where parents can be engaged with us, and each other, in our pursuit for our children’s academic success.

Feel free to explore and stay tuned for future posts!

A note from the CEO: Welcome to Kip McGrath Singapore Online. We are keeping pace to leverage on the technologies and to be resourceful on the various platforms for easier reach to all students and parents. We want to be informative and interactive and to be socially connected with the on-line community. We endeavour to create the buzz in education by being proactive and tapping our almost 40 year history of helping children and an international reputation as a trusted and innovative provider of quality supplementary education. We have been catering tuition services to over 2 million students in about 20 countries. I thank all of you for visiting our on-line platforms and hope to use this multi-media buzz for the benefit of the education needs of our students.
– Dr Sam Yap, CEO, Kip McGrath Education Centres (Singapore)


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