How To Check PSLE Math Paper 2 [Infographic]

PSLE Math Paper 2 takes up 60% of your total marks. This is especially where many students tend to make all sorts of mistakes. Once I had a student who would consistently lose 15 to 20 marks for every Paper 2 he sat for due to carelessness. This made the difference between a B and an A.

We sat down and reviewed all his mistakes and it turned out that 15 to 20 marks were deducted in total because of silly mistakes such as wrongly copying down numbers and typing into the calculator wrongly.

how to check psle math paper 2

The truth is any student out there is prone to making careless mistakes. Even the top students. However, with the right strategy to checking, you can be sure to save yourself any loss of marks.  It takes a while to instil a good checking habit but if you put in effort into doing your diligent and proper checking, you will be sure to cut down those careless mistakes. Hope this helps.

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how to check final

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