We Were On The News!

We are ecstatic to announce that over the past week, Kip McGrath Education Centres Singapore was featured on two national newspapers distributed throughout the island!

The first one was a full page feature on The New Paper – Smart Learning Feature.

Mr. Roger Wee, Centre Director of 3 Kip McGrath centres in Jurong was featured and interviewed by The New Paper journalist, Arul John.

Personal, customised tutoring, Mr Roger Wee

“At Kip McGrath Educational Centres, small class sizes are the norm. Each class has between three and five students.”

On 13/03/2015, Kip McGrath was again featured in Singapore’s free billingual newspaper, My Paper 我报. In it, Dr Yap shares about what sets Kip McGrath Education Centres apart. He talks about cultivating a student’s strength through “Attitude Motivation” and “Multi-Sensory Stimulatory Learning “. “A lot of the actual teaching is conducted individually while the rest do exercises based on their own lesson plans. “, Dr Yap adds.

Dr Yap on Kip McGrath Education Centres Singapore

“Kip McGrath plans lessons based on students’ abilities. – Dr Yap”

Addendum: This post was brought to you by Kip McGrath Education Centres Singapore.

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