Spotlight: Alicia Seah, Centre Director for Kip McGrath Education Centre Kovan

We spent an afternoon with Mdm Alicia Seah, Centre Director for Kip McGrath Education Centre Kovan. Here we share some insights into the Kip McGrath tuition centre that has been serving the residents of Kovan for more than 10 years.

Why did you decide to start your own Kip McGrath centre back in 2005? 

I taught in a MOE school for 7 years till 2005. During my service at the school, I derived a lot of satisfaction from my work and also on a personal basis.  I enjoyed teaching very much.  However in 2005, my elder child was still very young and due to childcare reasons, I chose to quit teaching at the school to spend more time with my child.

Then one day in late 2005, I came across a newspaper advertisement on Kip McGrath inviting ex-MOE teachers to start a Kip McGrath centre. I attended a talk on it and was impressed with the strong values held by Kip McGrath about individualised teaching and learning.

Kip McGrath Kovan

It emphasised that every child is an individual and should be taught to learn at his own pace. With that, I decided to embark on this exciting journey 10 years ago and since then, I have never looked back.

What has been some memorable experiences so far? 

It has been a rewarding experience operating the centre over the last 10 years.  I have made many new friends with pupils and their parents whom I am still keeping in touch with till today.

I am always heartened when my pupils who have graduated return to our centre to visit my tutors and I. I feel honoured each time my ex-pupils’ parents call me up to ask for advice and opinions regarding their children’s educational path.

I also have great memories of organising farewell parties and graduating meals for my GCE O-Level pupils.

Why do parents choose Kip McGrath?  

At Kip McGrath, each class only has a maximum of 5 students. This is because we believe very strongly in providing individualised attention to all our pupils.

Kip McGrath Kovan

Pupils are also given the opportunity for independent learning through the use of IT resources which is in line with MOE’s vision in using technology for learning.

 Also, at our centre, we believe in providing a wholesome education. This includes both the personal and academic development of each child.

Additional Information

Kip McGrath Tuition Centre Kovan is located at Block 203 Hougang Street 21 #03-71 Singapore 530203.

Subjects offered are

  • P1 to P6 – English & Math
  • P4 to P6 – Science
  • Sec 1 to 5 – E Math & English
  • Sec 3 to 5 – A Math
  • JC – H1 & H2 Math

For enquiries, please call 6280 7660 or simply click here for a free assessment.



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