TOP 50 COMMONLY MISSPELT WORDS: The Ultimate Spelling List: Part 1

Many local students are trained, from a young age, to encode and decode words using phonics. However, words with silent characters, compound sounds and dummy characters can create spelling confusion when students attempt to encode the spelling of words with phonics.

Spelling mistakes can cause students to lose unnecessary marks in their compositions’ language component, which amounts to 20 marks.

We have thus taken the liberty of compiling for you the top 50 mistakes students often make when spelling. The 50 commonly misspelt words are spread over a series of 5 blog posts so follow us to get new updates!


Some tips on spelling:

Practice decoding and encoding

Decoding: Segmenting dictated words into individual phonetic sounds.

Encoding: Linking these phonetic sounds together to form the word.

Exposure for Phonemic Awareness with print and sound

Increasing your exposure to print materials such as storybooks and newspapers, will help with picking up new words. Also, exposure to appropriate speech such as news broadcast can help with learning word sounds.

The aforementioned tips are just two out of many of other spelling improvement techniques. Students can explore other techniques to find one a suitable one.



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