You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Not Knowing These 50 Idioms! [Flashcards] – Part 1 of 5

In using the English language, there are some things you just can’t take literally. Case in point, we have idioms!

These are phrases or sentences that do not really mean what they say.

For example, when someone tells you to take the high road, he or she is actually saying that you should do the right thing even if it’s not easy and not actually the road that is higher in elevation.

Sounds confusing already? Do not fret. We got you covered with our ultimate list, complete with meanings and sentence examples. Here are the first ten idioms you should keep in mind:

be a far cry from

burn the midnight oil

bury the hatchet

call it a day

cost an arm and a leg

cry over spilled milk

head over heels

hit the sack

last straw

wouldn’t be caught dead

All meanings of idioms were taken from

Watch out for Part 2 coming soon!

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